MUVE offers on-demand, door-to-door accessible transportation.

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MUVE stands for My Universal Vision for Everyone.  MUVE offers on-demand, door-to-door accessible transportation.

The MUVE app allows users to:

  • Specify accessibility needs for themselves or their loved ones, for a safe & affordable mobility experience.
  • Easily book on-demand, or schedule accessible trips, with door-to-door, arm-to-arm assistance, with drivers trained for sensitivity awareness & able to assist users of all abilities.
  • Be part of incredible community events & social inclusion initiatives.
  • Tag accessible locations & help your community.

Why did you decide to support the Summit?

The values of both organizations are the same.  Our alignment is strong, especially in terms of demographic, end user, and principals related to inclusion, accessibility, mobility and a common belief that there should be no limits, regardless of ability.

What impact do sports / parasports have on the community?

The impact is profound and extremely positive. It establishes purpose, meaning and generates opportunities to develop goals and turn dreams into action and reality. It raises awareness in the community and shines a light on those who may have physical or mental challenges who still wish to participate in activities. The work you are doing is inspiring and is to be commended.

What message do you want to share with attendees of the Summit?

Outstanding work being done to provide a platform whereby individuals with special mobility requirements are able to dream, achieve, and participate. MUVE is proud to support an initiative which is so important to our communities.

Anything else to add?

We would ask for PowerHockey Canada’s network to support MUVE by downloading the app and engaging with the active features, specifically the Tagging and Events page.  Further, we ask that your network visit our site and subscribe to our newsletter so that we can notify them when we have full service available with cars on the road to serve our common demographic.



MUVE supports the 2021 PowerHockey Canada Summit.